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Physical Geography

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  1. Maps and Globes

    Maps and Globes

    In this informative and interactive book, children will learn how to read both maps and globes. Readers will learn how to apply lines of longitude and latitude. Paperback, 16 pages. Learn More
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  2. Looking at Maps and Globes

    Looking at Maps and Globes

    What are maps and how do they work? This book provides a solid introduction to different types of maps and how to differentiate land from sea while observing globes. Paperback, 32 pages. Learn More
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  3. Volcanoes

    Volcanoes - A Smithsonian Little Explorer book

    Amazing photographs and so much exciting information! Lear volcano vocabulary. Discover different kinds of volcanoes and explore where to find them. Paperback, 32 pages. Learn More
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  4. Learning About Landforms

    Learning About Landforms - Set of 5 Books

    From caves and valleys, to mountains and volcanoes, Earth is filled with an awe-inspiring array of landforms. These beautifully photographed books take young readers on a journey across the Earth’s varied landscapes. Paperback, 32 pages each. Learn More
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