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If You Lived Here

Houses of the World

When is a house not a house? When it’s a chateau, an airstream trailer, a yurt, or a cave dwelling!

These are just a few of the 15 different structures that serve as homes to children around the world, recreated in intricate detail in the bas-relief cut-paper collage illustrations by award-winning artist Giles Laroche.

The text explains why each house was built the way it was, where it can be found, what it was made from, and other fascinating facts. Dovetails nicely with the Montessori Needs of Humans lessons on shelter. Hardcover, 32 pages. Ages 6 and up.

Houses include:
Dogtrot log house (based on dogtrots built in the southern U.S.); Chalet (based on chalets built in the Austrian Alps); Pueblo (Taos, New Mexico); Connected barn (based on connected barns common in northern New England); Cave dwelling (Guadix, Andalucia, Spain); Palafitos , house on stilts (Chiloe Island, Chile); Palazzo Dario (Venice, Italy); Chateau La Brede (Bordeaux, France); Tulou (Hangkeng village, Yongding, China); Half-timbered houses (Miltenberg am Main, Germany); Greek island village houses (Astipalaia Island, Greece); Decorated houses of Ndebele , Pretoria (Transvaal, South Africa); Yurt (based on yurts in Mongolia and other parts of central Asia); Airstream trailer (USA); Floating house (Middleburg, the Netherlands); Tree house (USA).
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If You Lived Here

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