Tibetan Table Chime

A handmade, Fair Trade item from Tibet Collection

This hand-cast brass chime is made by Tibetan metal smiths living in exile in Northern India, carrying on the ancient craft traditions of their homeland.

Your purchase supports the continuation of these arts. Tibetan nomadic herders use similar bells to keep track of their horses, sheep, and yaks on the vast pastures and mountains.

This two-piece bell is the essence of simplicity. Children as young as two can learn the respectful manner needed to strike the bell lightly, producing an enchanting sound.

Oval stand and striker (3½") are made of polished wood, showing the fine grain. Base is 5" x 3" x ½" and the chime stands 3¾" high.
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C320 Tibetan Table Chime NOT AVAILABLE
Made in INDIA
No Longer Available

Tibetan Table Chime

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