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South American Mammals Nomenclature Cards

3-Part Photo Cards from Laughing Star Montessori

12 subjects: Includes 3-part card set and a simple sentence card for each animal, and background information.

These glossy 3-part photo card sets are color-coded to match the continent colors on the Montessori World Puzzle Map (Nienhuis). Introduce individual continent sets first, then mix the sets so children can sort and match the animals to their continents, or their kind.

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B107 Clear Plastic Box 6" square x 1"
Made in USA
  • Buy 60 for $1.75 each
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South American Mammals Nomenclature Cards

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  • The (Nienhuis) continent color frames the image
  • Control card: 4" x 5"
  • Rounded corners
  • Choose laminated or unlaminated
  • Unlaminated cards are printed on paper and need to be laminated before use