Math & Physical Science

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  1. Element Knowledge Cards

    Element Knowledge Cards - From In-Print For Children

    This set presents two activities. Challenge the student to learn element names, atomic symbols, and their atomic numbers. Both sets of rigid vinyl element-name and symbol cards are cut into strips (1" x 4"). Learn More
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  2. Classification of Matter Chart & Cards

    Classification of Matter Chart & Cards - From In-Print For Children

    After children become familiar with atoms and elements, they are ready to classify matter. Sixteen picture cards represent two main categories of matter, pure substances and mixtures, in four groups. Learn More
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  3. Electricity & Magnetic Combination Kit

    Electricity & Magnetic Combination Kit - Hands-on physical science activity

    An adventure in understanding how electricity works! Sequential activities with snap-together modular pieces that fit like a puzzle. Children can light up a light, run a fan, create sound, and experiment, too. Learn More
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