Basic History Set

The Coming of Life from Azoka Company

This special set includes the basic materials for presenting the history of life on Earth. In addition to the Time Line of Life, Long Black Strip, and Clock of Eras, this set has eight colorful, handmade batik posters on mulberry paper that will help bring the presentations to life. Posters measure 22" x 32" and are not available individually. Click on the links for full descriptions of the other items.

Set includes:
  • The Time Line of Life (EM824 or EM825)
  • Long Black Strip (EM822)
  • Clock of Eras (EM105)
  • 5 Creation Lesson Posters
  • Age of Fish Poster
  • Age of Reptiles Poster
  • Age of Mammals Poster

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    EM827 Basic History Set - Mural Style Time Line
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    EM826 Basic History Set - Panel Style Time Line
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    Basic History Set

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