Timeline of Life Fossil Collection

18-piece collection from Fossilicious.com

Feel the tip of an ancient shark’s tooth. Marvel at a trilobite. Trace the minuscule segments of a pre-historic echinoderm — children will marvel at these 18 genuine fossils that span the Time Line of Life from 4,500 million years old (Precambrian eon) to 1.8 million years old (Quaternary period).

Children can match these real specimens (not replicas) to the Time Line of Life (EM824, EM825). Exciting work! Selected by Montessori Elementary teachers. For children ages 5 and up. Fossils may vary.

  • 18 specimen big enough to show characteristic detail (trilobites, fern fossils, horn coral, fossil algae, orthoceras, crinoid stem, fossil wood, shark tooth, dino bone, sea urchin, gastropod, turritella, ammonite, brachiopod, stick coral, pelecypod, bryozoan, and dinosaur coprolite)
  • 18 information cards that identify the living organism’s time and location
  • Mini time line card
  • Suggestions for further research and use
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    EM58 Timeline of Life Fossil Collection - 18 Specimens
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    Timeline of Life Fossil Collection

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