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Botany & Zoology

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  1. Plants & Animals "Who Am I?"

    Plants & Animals "Who Am I?" - From In-Print for Children

    “Who am I?” stories are one of the most popular activities in Montessori Elementary classrooms. Twenty distinctive plants and animals are presented in this duplicate set of picture and description cards (40 laminated cards in all). 6¼" x 4". Learn More
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  2. Flowering Plant Families

    Flowering Plant Families - Photo Cards from Big Picture Science

    Compiled for the Montessori Elementary classroom, this set details 14 families of flowering plants, with examples from all major groups. These stunning, information-rich photo cards are an outstanding introduction to the taxonomy of the plant kingdom. Learn More
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  3. From the Biosphere to Atoms - Second Edition

    From the Biosphere to Atoms - Second Edition - A Teachers Guide to the Organization of the Living World from Big Picture Science

    Teachers will find this resource invaluable for reviewing and refining their understanding of life’s structures and levels of organization, from the biosphere down to atoms. The book includes important concepts, lesson ideas, and extensive resources. Spiral-bound paperback, 144 pages. Learn More
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  4. Animals "Who am I?"

    Animals "Who am I?" - From In-Print for Children

    Ten distinctive animals are presented in this duplicate set of picture and description cards. Laminated cardstock cards are 6¼" x 4"; cut one set apart to make three-part cards. 10 subjects. Learn More
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  5. Plants "Who am I?"

    Plants "Who am I?" - From In-Print for Children

    Ten distinctive plants are presented in this duplicate set of picture and description cards. Laminated cardstock cards are 6¼" x 4"; cut one set apart to make three-part cards. 10 subjects. Learn More
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  6. World Birds Cards - Unlaminated -  Elementary

    World Birds Cards - Unlaminated - Elementary

    5 birds from each of 7 continents (35 cards). Working with these well-researched, classroom-tested card materials demonstrates the beauty and diversity in our natural world. Designed for the Elementary Montessori Classroom (ages 6-9). Learn More
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  7. Living Sunlight

    Living Sunlight - How Plants Bring the Earth to Life

    An enthralling blend of visionary prose, facts, and luminous artwork — plus several pages of scientific detail. An appealing all-ages format that makes even complex ideas like photosynthesis accessible. Hardcover, 36 pages. Learn More
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  8. Plant Lessons ~ Second Edition

    Plant Lessons ~ Second Edition - Introducing Children to Plant Form and Function from Big Picture Science

    This master resource will inspire you to teach botany with confidence and enthusiasm! Spectacular color photos accompany detailed, sequential botany lessons with such depth that you’ll never lack ideas or information again. Spiral-bound paperback, 180 pages. Learn More
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  9. All Four Sets of Botany Definition Cards

    All Four Sets of Botany Definition Cards

    The “Parts of… ” Definition Cards include a control card, a two-part card set, and a three-part card set for each subject part. Includes laminated cards for the Tree, Leaf, and Flower (Monocot & Dicot). Learn More
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  10. Elementary World Trees - Plastic

    Elementary World Trees - Plastic - From Laughing Star Montessori

    This set includes four representative trees per continent — no trees in Antarctica — and 7 labeled continent cards (31 cards in all). Cards (ages 6+) feature a complex sentence and each set includes tree information. 4" x 2½". Learn More
    No Longer Available
  11. Tree of Life

    Tree of Life - The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth

    This dynamic exploration of living things is organized to complement life science work at the elementary level. Engaging facts and dazzling illustrations bring taxonomic classification to life. Paperback, 40 pages. Learn More
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  12. Tiny Creatures

    Tiny Creatures - The World of Microbes

    “Microbes can eat anything: plants, animals (alive or dead), even oil and rocks.” This book makes this rarely presented or spoken of scientific topic approachable for children. Vibrant illustrations. Paperback, 36 pages. Learn More
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  13. Leaf Shapes and Margins

    Leaf Shapes and Margins - Botany Photo Cards—Set 4 from Big Picture Science

    Introduce students to the world of leaves with this masterfully photographed collection. Students will learn about both exotic and indigenous plants, as well as the five main leaf shapes and how to classify them. Durable, glossy cardstock. 44 cards; 8½" x 5½". Learn More
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  14. Kingdoms of Life Connected ~ Second Edition

    Kingdoms of Life Connected ~ Second Edition - A Teacher’s Guide to the Tree of Life from Big Picture Science

    A comprehensive life science resource updated to reflect current scientific thinking. In-depth curriculum for each of the major groups of life. Includes presentation guide, experiments, research questions, pronunciation guides, further resources, and nine cardstock photo card sheets. Spiral-bound paperback, 185 pages. Learn More
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  15. Flower Families

    Flower Families - A Go Fish Game

    Learn plant names and families, then “go fish” for flowers. “Do you have a flower in the mallow family?” This masterfully illustrated deck of coated cards introduces players to 52 garden flowers and 13 flower families. Learn More
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  16. Many Biomes, One Earth

    Many Biomes, One Earth - Exploring Terrestrial Biomes of North and South America

    An appealing overview of 12 “natural homes” found in the Americas, this book ties in nicely to Montessori Elementary lessons. Uncomplicated, informative text presents facts consistently and with a touch of humor. Learn More
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