Botany & Zoology

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  1. Flowers Photo Cards: Stamens and Pistils

    Flowers Photo Cards: Stamens and Pistils

    These exquisite extra-large photo cards showcase flowers with dramatically obvious stamens and pistils. Stunningly beautiful and packed with information, this versatile set was designed for use in the Primary through Elementary Montessori classrooms. Learn More
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  2. Fungus Kingdom

    Fungus Kingdom - Chart & Cards from In-Print For Children

    Now with full-color, laminated picture cards! This chart organizes 18 representative fungi into four major groups and two important fungal partnerships (fungi that live with other organisms). Learn More
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  3. Tree of Life

    Tree of Life - The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth

    This dynamic exploration of living things is organized to complement life science work at the elementary level. Engaging facts and dazzling illustrations bring taxonomic classification to life. Learn More
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  4. Tunnel Town Ant Farm

    Tunnel Town Ant Farm - From Tweber

    This real life study will help children develop observation skills as they gain an appreciation of the industrious ant. Just send in the coupon (with a nominal fee for shipping) to receive a small tube of Western Harvester Ants. Learn More
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