Many Biomes, One Earth

Exploring Terrestrial Biomes of North and South America

An appealing overview of 12 “natural homes” found in the Americas, this book ties in nicely to Montessori Elementary lessons.

Uncomplicated, informative text presents facts consistently and with a touch of humor, covering elevation, weather, plants, and animals.

Accurately drawn illustrations show land forms, plants, and animals; some animals are “hidden” in plain sight! Includes glossary and two-page world biomes map. Paperback, 32 pages.

Biomes listed include: tundra, boreal forest or taiga, mountains, temperate deciduous forest, temperate evergreen forest, temperate grasslands or prairie, desert, chaparral, warm temperate forest, savanna or tropical grasslands, tropical dry forest, and tropical rain forest.

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Many Biomes, One Earth

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