Elementary World Transportation Cards

From Laughing Star Montessori

The camel cart takes passengers to an Indian village… Peruvians travel in reed boats on Lake Titicaca… The container ship carries goods to a far off port. These well-researched, classroom-tested card materials show children the many ways people and goods travel by water, land, and air.

Sort and match cards by category: water, land, or air. Intrigue children with facts that will serve as a springboard for research! Each card features a photo with a simple sentence with the subject name.

Includes 3 category label cards (water, land, air) and 14 subject cards per category (45 cards in all) and background information. All cards have rounded corners to prevent damage. 4" x 2½". Ages 6 and up.

Available laminated or unlaminated. Unlaminated cards are printed on cardstock. Use with Clear Plastic Box B106 or Acrylic Box B702.
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Elementary World Transportation Cards

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