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Element Knowledge Cards

From In-Print For Children

This set presents two activities. Challenge the student to learn element names, atomic symbols, and their atomic numbers. Both sets of rigid vinyl element-name and symbol cards are cut into strips (1" x 4").

Cut the atomic symbols off one set of the name strips (1" x 1" tiles). The element-name strips and symbol tiles are used for three-part matching and for sorting under label cards with titles and definitions for: solids, liquids, gases, metals, semi-metals, nonmetals.

Reinforce knowledge of element names and atomic symbols, in addition to introducing groups of elements with similar characteristics. Ten large rigid vinyl cards are printed on two sides, providing two activities for each element group. Cards list and describe associated groups of elements, either a chemical group, such as halogens, or a functional group, such as elements of the atmosphere.

Using the element-name strips and atomic symbol tiles, the child completes a card by placing either the element name strips or atomic symbol tiles in the blank boxes. The cards give useful and memorable information that will reinforce overall element knowledge. Background information and lesson suggestions are included for the teacher.
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Element Knowledge Cards

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