Cosmic Wonder (Concepts) Set

6 titles by Aline Wolf from Parent Child Press

Help awaken children's sense of wonder and awe with these engaging books.

The small format (just 5½" square) appeals to children, and the early reading level gives children easy access to big concepts.

These titles highlight cosmic education themes, and emphasize concepts that reinforce children’s developing understanding of a cosmic view of life.

Each book introduces a child to some aspect of our universe. Through the use of the first person narrative the reader becomes the main character of the book, thus seeing the universe from his/his own perspective.

Written by Montessorian Aline Wolf. Illustrated by Joe Servello. Spiral-bound paperback, 20 pages each.

Set includes:
  • I Live in the Universe (R32)
  • I Look "Out" at the Stars (R34)
  • I Know The Sun Does Not "Set" (R37)
  • How Big is The Milky Way? (R36)
  • I Travel on Planet Earth (R35)
  • I Know What Gravity Does (R33)

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    Cosmic Wonder (Concepts) Set

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