Elementary Sacred Places of the World Cards

Photo/Sentence Cards from Laughing Star Montessori

Working with this fascinating card set transports children to ancient sites, where they will explore the cherished monuments of past civilizations.

By learning about these sacred places, children will come to understand that humans throughout history have had a need to express themselves spiritually, and still do today.

Set includes 32 cards (7 continent cards and 24 Sacred Places cards representing 6 continents). There are 4 cards for North America, South America, Africa, Oceania (Australia), Asia, and Europe and no cards for Antarctica.

Each card shows photo, short sentence, and continent symbol. All cards have rounded corners to prevent damage and measure 4" x 2½". Ages 6 and up.

Available in plastic (laminated) or unlaminated. Unlaminated cards are printed on cardstock. Use with Clear Plastic Box B106.

Please note: This set is also available in a version with photo/labels for Primary students (NWSP).
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Elementary Sacred Places of the World Cards

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