Economy Mirror Polishing Activity

Classroom activity set

A new mirror polishing variation can help children rediscover a favorite activity. Our all-natural glass polish provides the control. It clouds the glass so children can wipe polish away to reveal a sparkling mirror — and a smile. Items and colors may vary.

This economy kit includes all the key components tucked in a colorful washable polypropylene basket; add your own apron and mat to complete the set.

Set includes:
  • Glass Polishing Tablet (P22)
  • Wood-Handled Mirror
  • Round Washable Basket (K02)
  • Acrylic Soap Dish (W79)
  • Small Elliptical Basket (K26)
  • Glass Eye Dropper (J72)
  • Clear Glass Bottle (J82)
  • Polish Cloth Set (PC12)
  • 2¼-Inch Glass Bowl (G300)
  • Sponge

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    PL57 Economy Mirror Polishing Activity
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    Economy Mirror Polishing Activity

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