Using Scissors Activity

Learning to cut with scissors activity with templates

Basic, sequential cutting exercises for the child who is developing and refining scissor skills. The teacher prepares cutting strips by photocopying the custom templates. The child snips over the special bowl and collects the pieces for art projects.

Includes two, double-sided cardstock template sheets: Template 1: (front) cutting diagonally, (back) cutting round lines and Template 2: (front) cutting squares, (back) cutting lines.

Set includes:
  • Perfect Child-Size Scissors (A57)
  • Small Willow Basket (K15)
  • Acrylic Card/Napkin Holder (X22)
  • Bambooo Potato Basket (K27)
  • Basic Cutting Templates (A35)
  • Assorted Colored Paper Strips
  • 5 Vinyl Envelopes
  • Presentation Suggestions
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    PL10 Using Scissors Activity
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    Using Scissors Activity

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