Chalkboards & Display Stand Set

From L.O.R.D. Company

An appealing overall presentation of four sturdy, long-lasting chalkboards for writing practice, displayed in a well-made slotted wooden holder. Chalkboards have an excellent writing surface which won’t become glossy with use. The heavy Display Stand has neatly rounded edges; pressboard with lacquer finish. Start with writing single letters on the Blank chalkboard, then introduce the Base Line. Writing on the Extended Line chalkboard help children learn ascender and descender positions. Use the Grid Square for practice writing numbers. Clean with a damp cloth. Made in U.S.A. Set contents listed below.
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LC16 Chalkboards & Holder NOT AVAILABLE
Made in USA
No Longer Available

Chalkboards & Display Stand Set

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Set includes:
Please note: It is recommended that all new chalkboards be conditioned before use. The procedure is to cover the entire board with chalk using the side of the chalk. Then, take a dry cloth rag and rub the chalk dust into the board vigorously. The chalkboard will condition more over the first few weeks with regular use.