Non-Living 3-Part Photo Cards

Classification Cards from Maitri Learning

Begin classification work with Non-Living and Living things, two broad categories whose differences are readily perceived. The Non-Living set includes an overview of the characteristics of inorganic items and 3-part photo cards for 12 non-living things (bucket, cookie, crate, crown, doll, glass, measuring tape, mug, pebbles, plane, rocky hill, string).

Working with these popular card packets helps children find order in their world. First introduce this Non-Living category alone for naming. Then, mix with Living (SC72, SC73) for sorting.

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SC74 Non-Living Cards - Unlaminated
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SC75 Non-Living Cards - Laminated
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Non-Living 3-Part Photo Cards

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  • Subject is isolated
  • Control card: 3½" x 4¼"
  • Rounded corners
  • Recycled paper
  • Choose Laminated or Unlaminated
  • 5-mil laminate extends to edge of card, not beyond.