Tallest Tree Stacking Blocks

Paperboard blocks that nest and stack

Five ecology-related activities and support for National Parks, too! The height and grandeur of a redwood tree emerges as these blocks are stacked. A related counting activity, a nature poem, and a look at the habitats of the various creatures who live in and around the tree, and a dramatic view from above (starting in space and continuing ten times closer with each block, down to the forest floor) challenge children as they grow.

One side is hollow for nesting, a favorite activity for the youngest child. Montessori school children will undoubtedly see the resemblance to their classroom Pink Tower. With the variety of activities, this multi-faceted set will challenge children as they grow.

Set includes 10 sturdy, recycled paperboard blocks (1" to 5 3/8" square) covered with laminated paper. 34" high when stacked. Outermost storage box is 5 3/4" square and has a convenient carrying cord. National Park Service Best Product Award. Ages 2 - 6.

Your purchase supports the Golden Gate Parks Conservancy
Their mission: research, interpretation, and conservation programs including the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, native plant and beach habitat restoration. Learn more at http://www.parksconservancy.org
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Y375 Tallest Tree Stacking Blocks
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Tallest Tree Stacking Blocks

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