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Plants We Eat

From In-Print For Children

Learn more about food plants and their different edible parts with this coordinated set of picture/label/definition cards, control booklets, and reproducible replicards. The set classifies 18 plant foods into six groups: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds. Cards and booklets show plants in the growing stage with only their “food” portion in color. Replicards show the same images in black line.
  • Cut apart the picture/label/definition cards (6½" x 5½") into 2-card sets (picture/label card and definition card) or 3-card sets (picture card, label card, and definition card).
  • Use cut picture/label/definition cards for 2-part or 3-part matching exercises.
  • Use cut definition cards for “Who am I?” games; use the cut picture cards or real foods as the control.
  • The 6 control booklets combine the picture/label card at left with the definition card at right.
  • Photocopy and cut apart the unlaminated cardstock replicards (5½" x 4¾" after cutting) so children may make their own booklets.
  • Picture/definition cards and booklets are laminated cardstock.
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D303 Plants We Eat
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Plants We Eat

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