I Travel on Planet Earth

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Written by Montessorian Aline Wolf, this title reminds children that even while sitting very still, they are still moving. I am traveling on Planet Earth. I can't feel that I am moving, because everything else on our planet--including the air--is moving with me.

Through the use of first person narrative the reader becomes the main character of the book, thus seeing the universe from his/her own perspective. Written to help awaken children’s sense of wonder and awe, this book gives children easy access to big concepts that will reinforce a developing understanding of a cosmic view of life.

Spiral-bound (5" x 5") paperback, 20 pages. Ages 3-9.

This title is part of the Cosmic Wonder Series (R41) a set of six books. Each book in this series introduces children to some aspect of our universe.

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I Travel on Planet Earth

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