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Bolivian Goat Hoof Shaker

A Jamtown Rhythm instrument

This exotic shaker instantly invites further investigation! Children are fascinated by the heft, feel, and light clattering sound of this rattle.

A reminder that native people waste little and honor the animal world. Percussion folk instruments allow children to create their own music and keep the beat to favorite recordings. This is a real instrument (not a toy).

Jamtown, a Fair Trade organization, imports this percussion instrument from Bolivia. Each one is crafted by hand from natural materials and is a work of art. Includes a story card summarizing its cultural origins. 7½" diameter. Sized to fit on an arm or ankle.
Ages 3 and up.
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M332 Jamtown Goat Hoof Shaker NOT AVAILABLE
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Bolivian Goat Hoof Shaker

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