Blue Enamelware Pitcher & Bowl

Hand washing set

Honor the past, create the future. The whimsical speckled glaze of vintage-style enamelware is likely to spark a keen interest in hand washing.

Careful pouring from a pitcher into a bowl is so much more satisfying than turning on the tap! Hand washing the “old-fashioned” way invites children to master a clear-cut sequence of tasks (a process) to achieve a visible result (clean hands!).

This set is an ideal solution when porcelain is not an option. However, just as porcelain is breakable, enamelware can chip. Enamelware is porcelain-coated metal. Dishwasher-safe. Pitcher holds 1½ quarts; 10½" diameter basin. Ages 3 and up.

Please note: This set is also available in red (G238).
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G235 Blue Enamelware Pitcher & Bowl Set
Made in CHINA
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Blue Enamelware Pitcher & Bowl

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