Bean Puzzles

From Early School Materials Company

These beautifully crafted puzzles graphically show the stages of plant development. Children will clearly see that contained within a bean seed is everything needed for it to grow into a plant.

These puzzles go hand-in-hand with direct experience germinating seeds. Each comes with an informative control sheet, naming the parts of the seed and plants.

Made of laminated hardwood with hand-screened images in realistic colors. 7 3/8" x 9¾". Order individually or as a set. Ages 3 and up.

Puzzle options:
  • Parts of the Seed (SC450, 5 pieces)
  • Sprouting Seed (SC452, 5 pieces)
  • Immature Plant (SC454, 7 pieces)
  • Mature Plant (SC456, 10 pieces)
  • Set of 4 Bean Puzzles (SC458, includes Seed, Sprouting Seed, Immature Plant, Mature Plant)
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Bean Puzzles

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