Bead Sequencing Set

All-wood, pattern-matching activity

Provide your growing child with a series of engaging manipulative and sensorial challenges with this exceptionally high-quality, all-wood bead set. The youngest child can thread jumbo beads on the vertical dowel, sorting beads by color or shape. Unique pattern tiles help older children refine their shape, color, and pattern recognition skills. Includes 44 jumbo beads, 5 two-sided pattern tiles, 5 dowels for threading, and a sturdy storage box (2" deep x 12½" x 13") with sliding acrylic lid. Ages 4 to 8.

Important presentation tips below.
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V45 Bead Sequencing Set NOT AVAILABLE
Made in CHINA
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Bead Sequencing Set

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Tips for presenting/using the Bead Sequencing Set:
-There is a very fine distinction between the 2-dimensional illustrations on the cards and the 3-dimensional beads.
-Though they are not actual size, the drawings on the cards are made as if the bead is laying on top of the card - therefore, the cube is a square with points, the round bead is a circle, etc.
-The cylinder bead looks like a square but it has rounded corners in the two-dimensional representation on the card. It is the most challenging shape to identify but children usually enjoy the challenge.
-You may wish to "discover" this with your child by matching all of the individual shapes to an image on a card with your child before the child uses this item independently.
-The cards are numbered and are designed to be done in sequence. Although children can do the cards in any order they wish, if they try to do multiple cards at one time (out of sequence) they may not have all the beads necessary to complete the patterns.