Cooperative Games

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  1. Yoga Garden Game

    Yoga Garden Game - A cooperative game

    An unusually fun cooperative movement game with no winners or losers. Children are naturally good at and enjoy practicing (and inventing) yoga poses as they move the bumblebee marker around the board. Learn More
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  2. Granny's House

    Granny's House - Award-winning cooperative game from Family Pastimes

    This adventure through the woods on the way to Granny’s house encourages foresight and critical thinking. Children help each other overcome obstacles by imaginative problem-solving with shared supplies. 1 - 6 players. Learn More
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  3. The Secret Door

    The Secret Door - Cooperative board game from Family Pastimes

    The missing valuables must be found before midnight! Working cooperatively and exercising memory skills, players explore rooms of the old mansion to find clues, discuss possibilities, and share strategies. Learn More
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  4. Princess

    Princess - Award-winning cooperative game from Family Pastimes

    When misfortune finds the Princess captive in the castle, the children set out to find magical and practical objects needed to free her. Sharing their resources and problem-solving together is the best way to get them past the obstacles encountered. 2 - 4 players. Learn More
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  5. Harvest Time

    Harvest Time - Cooperative game from Family Pastimes

    A wonderful game that engages children in a race against winter weather. Players plant and harvest color-coded vegetables according to a roll of the die. When everyone’s harvest is in, everyone wins. Learn More
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  6. Stone Soup Board Game

    Stone Soup Board Game - A Cooperative Game for Kids! from Peaceable Kingdom

    Perfect for pre-readers, Stone Soup™ has 12 pairs of sturdy picture cards to match from memory and 10 “fire-out” cards to spice up this cooperative game. 2-6 players. Ages 4 - 8. Learn More
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  7. Count Your Chickens! Board Game

    Count Your Chickens! Board Game - A Cooperative Game for Kids! from Peaceable Kingdom

    All 40 baby chicks are out and the fox is loose. Young children will be eager to work together to collect the chicks. Picture-based play makes it easy for everyone to participate in this cooperative game. Learn More
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  8. Hoot Owl Hoot!

    Hoot Owl Hoot! - A Cooperative Board Game for Kids! from Peaceable Kingdom

    The shared objective of this cooperative game is to move the owls, who have been out playing at night, back to the nest before sunrise so they don’t miss their bedtime. Includes a playing board, 6 owl tokens, 1 sun token, 36 color cards, 14 sun cards, one sun token, and instructions. 2 - 4 players. Learn More
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