Language Object Starter Set 2014-2015

Miniatures for language and reading activities

For your convenience, we have assembled this assortment of 100 objects. Nearly all beginning sounds (x is not a beginning sound) are represented.

For a variety of language games, most of the objects are phonetic or have a phonogram in them. Most of the objects range from ½" to 2½"

Includes presentation suggestions, a link to a downloadable PDF of Language Object Labels you can print yourself, and a list of all the objects (see PDF Language Object Labels link for current list). Ages 3 and up.

Please note: Set contents may vary from what is shown. Some of these objects are also used in our smaller language object sets (LM03, LM04, and LM05).

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L850B Language Object Starter Set 2015 - 2016 Objects
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Language Object Starter Set 2014-2015

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