Gas: Four Complete Activities for Investigating Air

Young Scientist Activity Set

These astounding “tricks” with the most common gas (air) will inspire children to look for answers that explain what they see.

Children capture Air Bubbles and release them to discover that gas (air) rises to the surface of water.

Sail Away! demonstrates that air has the power to move a boat.

Air makes a bubble that will Keep Out liquid—and keep a piece of paper dry under water!

Last, children push a glass full of air down over a floating wooden shape to make the shape float below the water line and Pop Up to the surface when the glass is removed.

This set corresponds to four activities from Montessorian Meg Fedorowicz’s comprehensive guide to hands-on classroom physics, Nurturing the Young Scientist. It’s never been easier to give children foundational science experiences that they can draw upon throughout their lives! Ages 3 to 8.

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SC885 Gas - Four Complete Activities for Investigating Air
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Gas: Four Complete Activities for Investigating Air

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Activity set includes:
  • Plastic Tank (SC935)
  • Pitcher (G25)
  • Small glass
  • 100 straws
  • Clay
  • Toothpicks & dispenser
  • Sail template
  • Shells
  • 6 Paper sheets
  • 6 Wooden shapes
  • Tray (T180)
  • 2 Sponges
  • Presentation ideas