Garden Flowers Vocabulary/Reading Cards

Three-Part Cards from Maitri Learning

These versatile packets of three-part cards engage children with captivating photos of the objects they encounter every day.

Use the picture-only cards for vocabulary building and sorting activities. Use all three parts with beginning readers: children can read a word label, match it to the picture-only card, then use the control card to check their work.

White backgrounds minimize distractions. Rounded corners prevent damage. Printed on recycled paper.

12 subjects, 36 cards total in each set. Control card with label measures 3½" x 4¼". Fits inside our clear plastic Box B108 (rounded corners with unhinged, removable lid). Available unlaminated or laminated (the 5-mil laminate extends just to the edge of each card, not beyond). Ages 2 - 8.

Subjects include: rose, chrysanthemum, daisy, hydrangea, geranium, impatiens, morning glory, pansy, petunia, sunflower, yarrow, and zinnia.

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Garden Flowers Vocabulary/Reading Cards

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