Art for the Very Young

50 hands-on art activities

All young children have the “ability to create, view, interpret, and appreciate fine art.” This wonderful book, with easy-to-follow instructions, offers over 50 hands-on art activities. It’s organized around basic art concepts and techniques — line, shape, color, space, form, texture, and value.

The second half of the book explores composition through art appreciation.Twelve well-known artists are featured with corresponding activities. For example: Sticker Dot Art and Bubble-Wrap Pointillism are paired with a discussion of Seurat.

This book will enable the least artistic to feel comfortable presenting art activities while conveying the relationships between art concepts and literature, nature, music, and our everyday world.

Few illustrations, but very accessible. Paperback, 128 pages. Directors’ Choice Recognition, Early Childhood News Awards. Activities for ages 3 - 6.
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Art for the Very Young

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