Apple Print Cloth Apron

Fits ages 3 to 5

Our most popular style slips over the head and closes (in front!). With a Velcro® tab belt, children can put on and take off the apron all by themselves. Through the simple ritual of putting on an apron, children are prepared for their important work.

This cheerful washable cotton/polyester apron is bound with matching binding. This is the apron used in our Serving an Apple Activity (PL24). Suitable for a variety of practical life exercises, using a cloth apron for water activities will allow the child to feel the “control of error.” Designed to last for years, this apron is handmade in the U.S.A.

19" long in front, 10" long in back, 14" wide.
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D254 Apple Print Cloth Apron NOT AVAILABLE
Made in USA
No Longer Available

Apple Print Cloth Apron

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