50 Science Things to Make & Do

Science experiments & activities from Usborne

Previously available in a card format (SC302), at the request of teachers, the experiments and activities on the cards have been reprinted and bound into a spiral-bound, hardcover book.

A perfect format for inquisitive children, these science activities break complex ideas into easily understood, digestible experiments.

A broad range of basic scientific principles are presented, including natural science (Make a Wormery), chemistry (Milk Shapes), physics (Surface Tension), light (Pinhole Projector), and more.

Step-by-step instructions and a brief explanation of What’s Going On for each. Most experiments use common materials. Spiral-bound hardcover, 104 pages. Ages 6 and up; younger with adult assistance.
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SC303 50 Science Things to Make & Do Book
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50 Science Things to Make & Do

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